It is very evident that corporate organisations, business enterprises and small businesses need skilled and knowledgeable personnel in order to succeed in today’s highly competitive business environment. Both employees and employers must possess the necessary business knowledge and skills in their areas of work to enable them effectively perform business operations.  The ability of Employers and their Employees to effectively utilise ICT tools is one such cross cutting consideration that has become mandatory for every business or organisation. Organisations that do not adopt these tools will not be able to survive in the long-run. A Global Entrepreneurship Monitor study conducted by Makerere University Business School indicated that the business failure rate in Uganda is 50%; that is, 1 in every 2 Ugandan businesses that is started fails – usually within 3 years.  It has also been repeatedly reported that there is high employee turnover in Uganda due to poor employee performance training among other reasons.  Some of these business failures could be attributed to limited knowledge and skills required for effective business operations.

Professional Training, Testing and Research Services -PTTRS (U) Ltd was formed to address these skills/knowledge gaps for optimum business performance. To foster this, PTTRS can be your business partner by providing customised ICT skills and knowledge training, research, professional testing services and certifications. Unlike most ICT Skills training providers that offer generic training programs, PTTRS will work with the client to develop customised training programs that address specific skills and knowledge gaps that are unique to a particular business or organisation. PTTRS adopts a one-on-one mentorship training approach that takes into account each client’s working environment. All exercises and case studies are based on the client’s actual work, making it easier for the trainees to apply the knowledge on the go.