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In today’s competitive world, it’s no doubt that technological advancements in different spheres of life play as pivotal role in the success of organizations world-wide. Both hardware and software innovations continue to draw us together to what the future looks like – in education, health, trade/ commerce and transportation among other spheres. With a myriad of technological solutions that seem to do the same thing, however, it becomes very difficult for many organizations to compare and contrast the offers on the global market, making it even more difficult to choose the right solution to boost the organization’s growth.

PTTRS partners with the best solution providers to bring you the best. We take time to scrutinize available solutions for you so that you can get the best that perfectly matches your organization’s needs. We analyze existing systems, test them and give you in-depth on-job support to ensure that your organization attains the best from key software providers. Contact us today and ask us about systems that support education and educational institutions (at all levels), health facilities and business enterprises.


The leading Grading Platform

Are you a leader in an educational institution?
• Let your teaching staff focus on the quality of the lessons delivered to the students without having to worry about the tedious script marking exercises.
• Maximize the quality of assignments and examinations scoring process by minimizing human intervention.
• Have your students’ assessments (classroom exercises, take home assignments, tests, and final examinations) ready without tiring your faculty.
• Ensure the quality of questions you need to guarantee your institution’s educational competitiveness.
• Generate timely academic reports for your students and have ample time to focus on decision-making for improved performance.
• Save on time and money spent on full manual grading processes.

School/University Mgmt

The complete School/University Management Platform:
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eLearning + Monitoring

The Unbeatable e-Learning and Student Monitoring Platform:
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Analytics Merger

The Multi-system Analytics Merger Platform:
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